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Welcome to our homepage!

It may seem strange to put a harness and leash on a parrot, but harnesses have been popular among parrot owners for years.

Unlike dogs, parrots need to get used to the harness gradually: you can read more about it under Harness training for parrots.

Birds need to fly in order to achieve full mental and physical health: flying improves the birds sensory abilities, intelligence and social behaviour. KAMIKAZEE harness and the the special flight leash help you to take your bird for a flight outside, in its natural environment.

Why choose KAMIKAZEE harness?

-Easy to use

-Made of lightweight materials

-Enables you can take your bird outside, to its natural environment

-Enables your bird to fly in fresh air

-Provides space for flight

-Enables your bird to exercise and stay healthy

-Safe to use outside